Enhancing our Outdoor Provision

At King Solomon International Business School, we are deeply committed to ensuring our pupils receive a high-quality education while providing the opportunities and resources needed to develop each student as a well-rounded individual.

In addition to first-rate educational practices and learning frameworks that ensure our students develop the skills and qualities needed to thrive in their school career and beyond, we understand the need to nurture both the physical and emotional wellbeing of every child. Though we have worked tirelessly to mitigate the disruption experienced by pupils during the transitional period as we prepare to move into our new school building, we believe some adjustments to our existing outdoor provision are necessary. We therefore propose to create a peaceful garden area and equip our existing playground with new apparatuses to engage the children, stimulate their minds during break times, and channel their energy into productive means of physical and emotional development.

You can get involved by donating, sponsoring or volunteering as part of this project. Spreading the word is also hugely helpful. Please click here for more information.