Free Economics seminar places

King Solomon International Business School Centre of Excellence are pleased to announce a series of monthly seminars delivered by the Midlands Economic Forum, the region's foremost independent economic researchers. The seminars will provide feedback on the state of the regional, UK and international economy providing an update on how the regional economy is performing against expectations, including the impact of Brexit. The seminars will also provide an overview of global trade and the implications for UK performance. They will provide delegates with an opportunity to gain deeper insights and to "develop a greater comprehension of the regional economy and its relative position within national and global value-added supply chains."

The seminars are ideal for students, parents, teachers and local employers.

If you are a student, these seminars will provide you with an up to date assessment of local, national and global economic indicators, vital if you wish to excel at exams on the subject. If you are a teacher, these seminars will provide you with information you may wish to use in teaching your students and real examples that will bring all areas of your curriculum to life in an International Business setting.

For parents, you will glean information that may help you engage more effectively with your children when they ask you about certain news items. For business leaders this is a low cost way of keeping in touch with economic trends which may impact upon your success.

The first event will be held on 31 January 2019 at 4 pm at the school and subsequently, the last Thursday of each month.

Parking is available free of charge in the car park next to The Premier Inn on Richard Street. Registration must be completed on arrival in reception.

Book tickets here.