INSPIRE Workshops

We have arranged for a Parent/Carer INSPIRE workshop each half term.  As many of you have children in different year groups, we are suggesting that we hold two sessions during the week. Reception/Year 1 and Year 2/Year 3.  As the sessions are happening in the classrooms the children will be involved in these workshops with you.   You will be able to access these workshops via Primary entrance and external staircase. As you enter you will sign in.  These will begin at 2.30pm until 3.20pm. All workshops will have aspects of pedagogy, demonstration of teaching in the classroom, ideas for application of skills at home, online websites/platforms, e-safety and expectations of home learning. If you are unable to attend then we will send the relevant information home the following day.

The focus for each will be:

Autumn 1

Phonics (EYFS/YR1) – Thursday 25th October 2018      Reading (YR2/3) - Friday 26th October 2018

Autumn 2 - Handwriting/Spelling (EYFS- YR3)

YR2/YR3 – Monday 19th November 2018            EYFS/YR1 – Tuesday 20th November 2018

Spring 1 - Maths - basic skills (EYFS- YR3)

EYFS/REC – Thursday 17th January 2019      YR2/YR3 – Friday 18h January 2019

Spring 2 –

Reading (Reception)  - Monday 4th March 2019

Phonics Test Prep (Year 1) – Tuesday 5th March 2019

KS1 SATS (Year 2) – Wednesday 6th March 2019

Year 3 Outcomes in Reading/Writing/maths – Thursday 9th March 2019

Summer 1 - Maths - Deeper Thinking 

EYFS/YR1/YR2/YR3 – Thursday 2nd May 2019

Summer 2 - Transition to new year group/*requested focus area from Parents/Carers.

EYFS/YR1/YR2/YR3 – Thursday 13th June 2019