KSIBS Primary School




The Members of Excell3 Independent School are the owners of the school. They are responsible for holding annual general meetings, recording the minutes of the meeting, approving the accounts, appointing or reappointing Governors, it holds the Governors to account and reviews the overall operation of the school in accordance with our Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Principal escalates matters of concern to the Chair of Governors; the Chair of Directors escalate matters of concern to the Governing body, and ultimately, matters can be escalated from the Governing body to the Members. The Members ensure that the Governors appointed have the necessary skills and expertise to drive the school forward. The members review systems and processes, reports, data and relevant information to know whether the Governors are doing their job in ensuring that the school is achieving its objectives. Where there are concerns, the Members will take whatever action it deems necessary to ensure that the school gets back on track and is driven forward.



Chairperson: Dr Rev Gilroy Brown
The key powers of the Board are set out in Article 5 of the Articles of Association of King Solomon, and the following is based directly on the points set out in that Article. The Board is a strategic body and as such is concerned with the overall objectives and management of King Solomon. It should not be involved in every detail of every decision. The Board must direct King Solomon ‘affairs in such a way as to promote its objects and is responsible for the strategic management, direction and overall control of King Solomon. The functions of the Board include: defining and ensuring compliance with the values and objectives of the company and establishing policies and plans to achieve those objectives; approving each year’s budget and accounts before publication; establishing and overseeing a framework of delegation of its powers to Committees and employees under Article 105 with proper systems of control; keep under review the funding agreement, and ensure compliance; monitoring King Solomon’ performance in relation to its plans, budget controls and decisions; appointing (and if necessary removing) Senior Officers; satisfying itself that King Solomon’ affairs are conducted in accordance with generally accepted standards of performance and propriety; and taking appropriate advice on the items listed in Articles 5 and in particular on matters of legal compliance and financial viability


Curriculum and Standards Committee

Chairperson: Dr Anthony Talburt
This committee is actively involved in school Self-Evaluation, monitoring of performance data and school curriculum, and the development and implementation of the School development Plan. The curriculum responsibility comprises all learning and other experiences that each school provides for its pupils. The range of responsibilities for the curriculum are shared between the Principal, the governing body, and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills. The committee has responsibility for monitoring teaching & learning, monitoring and reviewing the assessment policy, monitoring the school’s curriculum provision including the school visit policy and the school’s provision and policy on international business, sex education, RE. This committee is also responsible for ensuring that the vision and Christian ethos of the school is effectively embedded into all areas of the school.


Finance, Resources and Marketing Committee

Chairperson: Mr Mike Ison FCIMA
This committee has delegated powers from the Full Governing Body to deal with all financial, buildings, IT, other school resources, and admissions and marketing matters on behalf of the Governing Body. On finances, this committee is expected to ensure that the school operates within all appropriate Financial Regulations, to help the school to maximise ethical income opportunities and to set the terms for prudent expenditure. The resources remit of this committee is concerned with the maintenance and use of premises, grounds, infrastructure (such as IT, catering), school transport and extended school facilities. It should act on behalf of the Governing Body in all issues relating to accommodation, grounds, caretaking, cleaning, decorating, maintenance and community use. It will monitor efficient use of resources and utilities maintaining an overview of costs and lettings policy of premises. Risk Assessment and Health and Safety issues also fall within this remit. The admissions and marketing role of this committee is to develop the profile of King Solomon in the community, to encourage pupil applications and oversee the admissions process. This will also involve making partnerships with other organisations, making King Solomon an effective educational resource at the heart of the Birmingham.  This committee is also responsible for ensuring that the vision and Christian ethos of the school is effectively embedded into all areas of the school.

Trust Development Committee

Chairperson: Dr Cheron Byfield
This committee works closely with the Trust Members to develop the Trust with the view to becoming a Multi Academy Trust. The committee considers and oversees potential free school  applications, determines the location of  proposed new free schools, oversee the appointment of consultants to develop new free school proposals, oversees the allocated budget, oversees the development of the Trust web-site


For more information or to make contact with our Governing body, please contact our Clerk to the Governors (Sue Cooke) at admin@kingsolomonibs.com