Senior Leadership Team


Director of Teaching & Learning – Mr M Yates

Mr Yates is an experienced teacher and senior leader. He has raised standards in Mathematics and other subjects across a range of schools both as a leader and as a creative classroom practitioner. He is passionate about raising aspirations for every student and equipping them to maximise their outcomes in all that they do. He believes that schools should be challenging and engaging environments; students should understand the progress they are making and should be given every opportunity to progress even further.

As a senior leader Mr Yates has a wide range of experiences in pastoral care, curriculum development and raising standards. He has worked closely with Partners in Excellence to embed new strategies in challenging environments and has been called upon to speak in front of school leaders. His impact upon schools is measurable by the improvements in pupil outcomes for all groups of students and the initiatives that are now positively impacting upon progress in lessons on a daily basis.

 ddunkley-pic   Head of Secondary – Mr D Dunkley

Mr. Dunkley is an experienced teacher and senior leader. He is a passionate teacher of mathematics and has worked in leadership roles in a variety of schools in the West Midlands. He has been a Mathematics Consultant for the Birmingham Advisory and Support Service and has actively been involved with developing Heads of Department and classroom practitioners. He has been a professional tutor for Initial Teacher Training institutes, developing in school, new entrants to the teaching profession.

Through collaboration with several organisations, Mr. Dunkley has presented nationally to school leaders for the Specialist Schools & Academies Trust on the use of data to raise attainment and progress. He has had the opportunity to support a number of schools and academies across the country that are in challenging circumstances. He is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management in education.

Mr. Dunkley has a passion for ensuring that all students make progress beyond age related expectations.


 boyede-pic  Head of Primary School – Mrs A Oyede BEd (Hons), MEd

Mrs Oyede is a dedicated teacher and passionate leader with a wealth of experience leading in both primary and secondary schools. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education specialising in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Curriculum Evaluation. She has held various leadership posts across a number of schools in Birmingham and Solihull in the West Midlands.

She is a national educator with teaching experience that spans across the country, from the south-east to the north-west of England. Her philosophy of education is that every child is created uniquely and capable of achieving their full potential within a nourishing and stimulating environment. This has been her drive over the years as she led and raised academic standards in a wide range of educational settings, including church schools. Abimbola is committed to working with her team to deliver high quality education to children at King Solomon Primary School.


jbhalsod-pic   Head of Learning Support and SENCO – Mrs J Bhalsod

I am the Head of Learning Support at King Solomon International Business School. I haven’t always worked for a school. I completed my degree in Television and Radio and then ended up in Finance. I have no idea how! I soon got bored of it and wanted to do something exciting and purposeful. I then decided to do my PGCE and went into teaching. It was the best decision I made.

I thoroughly enjoy working with children and seeing them succeed. This makes my job extremely rewarding.

After teaching for a couple of years in an alternative provision and other schools I decided I wanted to work with children on a one to one basis and small group work to help them achieve their potential. I have many roles within my role which include special educational needs and safeguarding. When I saw this role being advertised I remember thinking this role would be perfect for me. The rest is history!

There are many things that I love about working at the school. My main things would be the people and the vision. There is so much the school want to do to ensure that the children have the best possible start in life and I feel that the school have an amazing ethos, faith and determination. The people are amazing and more like a family. Being here from the start makes it even better.

I am a very creative person. I love doing hair and make-up. I am also a keen photographer and I love dancing in my spare time.


asimmonds-pic   Chief Finance Officer – Mrs A Simmonds ACA 

Ann is our Chief Finance Officer.  She has considerable experience in the education sector, where she has worked with and advised a diverse range of educational organisations, including Academies, independent schools, Catholic Education offices and Free Schools as well as a wide range of local, regional and national charities.

Ann gained her experience in Academies in her prior employment as Associate Director at Whitley Stimpson a Chartered Accountant Firm which specialises in the Education Sector. Ann was instrumental, with the Education Partner, in setting up the Academy sector of Whitley Simpson and in that time gained a strong understanding of the world of Academies and Free School offering practical advice to Academy’s Governors, Principals and School Business Manager. This experience Ann bought to King Solomon School in June 2016.


sbrooks-pic   Business and Community Liaison Manager – Mr S Brooks     

Business and Community Liaison Manager of King Solomon International Business School. His role is to develop working relationships with Businesses, Community organisations, individuals and Civic society. As a qualified Adult Education teacher he frequently speaks in churches, schools, universities and professional forums. He has worked within the education and social enterprise sector for over twenty five years and has initiated several accredited personal development and mentoring programs.

He is a board member of several national and regional organisations (including political, faith and business) and is committed to working to effect positive change in people and organisations. He is a director of the Black Country Urban Industrial Mission, providing work based Chaplaincy and has been appointed as an External Advisor to Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).  His overwhelming passion is to help pupils of King Solomon School maximise their Potential.