KSIBS Primary School

Parent College

Here at King Solomon International Business School (King Solomon) we value the role of parents in our students’ education and recognise that we need to work in partnership with all of our students parents.  We recognise that parents are the primary education source for their children and hold a key role in the educational outcomes of their children.

To develop this partnership, King Solomon, is initiating a new and innovative way to work with parents – a Parent College. The college’s aim is to achieve excellent results in our students’ educational life.

The Parent College will be a learning facility to support parents to become more effective co-educators. Parents, carers, grandparents, godparents and any other members of the family who have a close impact on the child’s life will be welcome to participate.

We are excited by the interest this innovation has created, with our own parents and the wider community.  At present parents of our current students have priority but in the future we may be able to offer access to the college to parents from other schools as well.

The Parent College will run throughout the year and will consist of a series of workshops and training sessions which will focus on creating the partnership between the parents and school so we can work together to provide a positive environment in which our pupils can achieve their full potential.

We are very excited about this unique initiative and look forward to working with all of our parents.


Please register in person at reception, telephone or  email our Admin team  to book your place on the workshops.