KSIBS Primary School

Catch Up Premium 2016/17

Expected Allocation = £8500

The school has 17 students on roll in Y7 who did not achieve a Level 4 (or equivalent) in Maths or English or both in Year 6. The Catch Up Premium Funding is being used for targeted support to raise attainment and progress of these particular students.

Small group sizes for less able students in Year 7 and Year 8                                       £10 500

(additional set in Y7, proportion of staffing)


Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Maths and English                                                         £7 700

(proportion of HLTA)

Supports catch up students in Maths lessons and numeracy intervention

Supports catch up students in Maths lessons and literacy intervention


Parental Engagement in Numeracy and Literacy for Year 7 Parents                          £10 750

Sessions to equip parents to support their children at home including

free resources, input from subject staff, travel and child care.

(Proportion of Dr Adams and other mentors/coaches)


Contingency                                                                                                                                      £450

Support from PP budget                                                                                                               £20 900

Total Projected Cost                                                                                                                       £8500

Measurable Impact: all students to achieve Level 4 or equivalent by the end of the academic year in Mathematics and/or English.

Impact of Catch Up Premium Spending 2015-2016

Number of students below level 4 (or equivalent) at the start of Year 7 Number of students now working above level 4 (or equivalent) at the end of Year 7 Percentage of students that have caught up
Maths 15 12 80%
English 9 7 78%

Summary of Catch Up Premium Spending 2015-2016 £8500

Expenditure  Amount
Small group sizes in Maths and English for targeted support     1,655
Teaching assistant (numeracy and literacy)     5,000
Resources (eg accelerated reading programme)     1,845
Total     8,500