KSIBS Primary School

Paris 2017

Our year 7 pupils had the opportunity to visit the well-known city of Paris this week for three days.  They were welcomed at the European Campus of St Thérèse with comfortable bedrooms and a choice of French specialities, ‘ratatouille’ and ‘fromage cordon bleu’.  Students showed a willingness to use their knowledge of the French language right from the start, ordering snacks and food to the best of their abilities.

As we entered the great city, the clouds cleared and left us with a stunning blue sky and warm temperatures which made our short cruise on the River Seine spectacular, enjoyable and very informative.  Students spotted the main landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Musée d’Orsay, The Louvre, the Pont Neuf, the awesome Eiffel Tower and so many more historic monuments.

Students showed no signs of tiredness whilst on the Bateau Mouche, waving at the city and its people, taking selfies and snapshots of the rich display of French architecture.  The second day was undoubtedly the most anticipated and most awaited of destinations; our year 7 pupils enjoyed the thrilling rides and boutiques of Disneyland.  The day came to a climax with the magical Disney Parade, showing a festival of music and dance, a real tribute to Disney tales.


The Eiffel Tower and the Sacré-Coeur Cathedral were the last items on the agenda.  All children climbed the Tower to the second floor, they could then view the ‘tuileries’ and the prestigious views of the famous city.  Our King Solomon year 7 students made us proud ending our tour in Paris with a prayer whilst in the Sacré Coeur Cathedral.  They returned happy and exhausted, they surely embraced one of the most popular cities of the world and did not miss a minute of it! In total, they walked approximately 21,600 steps and climbed 51 floors.  This was truly an unforgettable experience! Au revoir Paris.

Posted on: September 20th, 2017