Secondary School


Student groupings

Students will be organised in a variety of ways throughout their schooling experience.

Subject Classes

This will be the main group through which teaching will take place. It will normally consist of 3 classes of 30 students per year group in the secondary school.

Tutor Groups

Pupils will be organised into tutor groups and assigned to one of three Houses: Bethel, Eden and Jericho.

School Houses

The House system will encourage both a sense of belonging and competitiveness as this will be where most of the school’s extra-curricular activities will take place such as business venture competitions, concerts and fund-raising activities. This is also where student peer mentors will be used to help advice and support younger students.

Students Council

The Student Council is a forum where students can raise issues or plan student led activities on behalf of the school. The Council will include representatives from different sections of the student population of the school such as gender, minority ethnic background, religious background, children who are Looked After, etc. This group will be led by students with one representative reporting to the school’s governing body.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) learning cuts across the whole school through every lesson.

At King Solomon, British values are regularly promoted.