Secondary School

School Day / School Year

The School Day


In order to engender a sense of community within King Solomon International Business School, once a week there will be a whole school Act of Collective Worship involving the Primary and Secondary. House assemblies will be scheduled for the other days of the week. As King Solomon International Business School is an all-through school the age of the student has been taken into consideration when devising the framework below:




Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

08.40                         AM Registration 08.40                        AM Registration 08.40                      AM Registration
08.40-08.45              Collective Worship 08.40-08.45              Collective Worship 08.40-08.45           Collective Worship
09.00 -10.00             Lesson 1 09.00 -10.00             Lesson 1 09.00 -10.00           Lesson 1
10.00-11.00              Lesson 2 10.00-11.00              Lesson 2 10.00-11.00            Lesson 2
11.00-11.20              Morning Break 11.00-11.20              Morning Break 11.00-11.20            Morning Break
11.20-12.20              Lesson 3 11.20-12.20              Lesson 3 11.20-12.20            Lesson 3
12.20-12.50              Lunch 12.20-14.00              Lesson 4 (With 30 minute lunch break) 12.20-14.00            Lesson 4 (With 30 minute lunch break)
12.50-12.55              Lesson Transition
12.55- 14.00             Lesson 4
14.00-15.00              Lesson 5  14.00-15.00              Lesson 5  14-15.00                 Lesson 5
15.00-16.30             Enrichment (See Table Below)  5.00-16.30                Enrichment (See Table Below)  5.00-16.30              Enrichment (See Table Below)



Enrichment: Timetabled activities each day
Monday Compulsory Enrichment day – all students (school finishes at 4:30pm)
Tuesday Optional homework club until 4:30pm
Wednesday Compulsory Enrichment day – all students (school finishes at 4:30pm)
Thursday and Friday Compulsory Enrichment day for targeted students only until 4:30pm

(school finishes at 3:30pm for all other students)


The School Year

The school operates a 42 week school year. This increase in contact time is important for giving pupils from the best opportunity for success. These additional days of extended hours activities are mandatory for pupils not making expected progress in identified subjects. Parents and carers are encouraged to support the school in this area.

They include:

  • School holiday programme – the school holiday programme will consist of a one week programme at Easter for targeted students not making expected progress.
  • One mandatory enrichment week for all students at the end of the summer term.
  • Weekend Master Classes/‘Super Saturdays’. There will be 5 Saturday schools throughout the academic year. The content is flexible to meet the specific needs of the students.

King Solomon International Business School will consult on the school calendar on a yearly basis but intends to operate the normal 3 terms per annum to fit in with the Local Authority’s holiday pattern and minimize disruption to parents and teachers with pupils in other local schools.

King Solomon International Business School will operate on a normal 5 days per week basis for 3 terms per year.