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King Solomon International Business School

Statutory Inspection as a Faith School


As a Faith Designated School, King Solomon  International Business School (King Solomon) is subject to a statutory inspection under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.

The Board of Directors are held responsible in law to ensure that the school’s denominational education and collective worship is inspected in line with the requirements of Section 48  of the Education Act.  

The Order of St Leonard (OSL) is the faith authority for King Solomon and therefore the body that inspects the collective worship and religious education provision of school. The primary goal of the OSL is to bring together all Christians, regardless of differing denominations and streams, without leaving their distinctive groupings, into a unified fellowship for prayer, mission and to help the disadvantaged. The OSL provides strong Christian Leadership and promotes the delivery of strong doctrine and unity across all Christian denominations.

King Solomon will, in line with the Statutory Inspection of the Order of St Leonard’s framework, ensure that:

  • Its Christian distinctiveness includes a wholehearted commitment to putting faith and spiritual development at the heart of the curriculum.
  • The Christian ethos permeates the whole educational experience.
  • The importance of clearly ascribed Christian values and their outworking in the life of schools is widely accepted.
  • High quality religious education and collective worship makes a major contribution to the school’s Christian ethos.
  • Pupils are enabled to engage seriously with and develop an understanding of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Every child is enabled to flourish in their potential as a child of God, as a sign and expression of the Kingdom.