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King Solomon International Business School

Academy Transfer

Academy Transfer

In agreement with the Department for Education (DfE), Falcon Education Academies Trust is winding down its operations.  This means that a new sponsor is required for King Solomon International Business School (KSIBS).

As a result of ongoing discussions between Falcon and the DfE’s Regional Director, Star Academies has been selected as the most appropriate MAT to lead the school and develop its education provision.      

Under the proposal, the school will transfer to Star on 1 September 2024 as a multi-faith all-through school. Then, on 1 September 2025, it will become a secondary school for pupils aged 11-16 years.

Star Academies has been chosen because of its values-driven approach, understanding of faith schools, track record of success, local presence and capacity to drive improvement.  Star has a close alignment to the school’s ambitions and aspirations for young people.

Star is a mixed MAT, running a diverse group of schools across the country. There are currently 33 schools within Star working together in five regions across the country known as Star Partnerships.   Star schools enjoy some of the best academic outcomes in the state sector regularly occupying high places in the DfE’s performance tables. Year on year, Star pupils also secure the lowest absence rates in England.  All Star schools share a commitment to a child-centred vision and focus on educational excellence, character development and service to local communities.  Star also supports many more schools and aspiring leaders through school improvement and leadership training via the Star Talent Academy and the National Institute of Teaching. KSIBS will benefit from a national network of support, resources and opportunities, as we continue to strive for excellence.

You can find out more about Star here


Star and Falcon are jointly engaging with stakeholders on a series of proposals that will help to spur an improvement journey at the school so that young people can achieve their best, both academically and personally.

We are keen to engage with key stakeholders to ensure their views on the proposals are taken into consideration. The engagement period runs from 26 February to 21 April 2024.

We are encouraging parents, carers, staff and other stakeholders to contribute to the engagement. We have prepared an engagement document and accompanying questionnaire, which invites your opinion on the academy transfer. You can complete the questionnaire directly online or download and complete the questionnaire at the back of the consultation document and send via email to or by post to Star Academies, Projects Unit, Shadsworth Road, Blackburn BB1 2HT.

We will provide regular information updates to parents, carers and other stakeholders through the website, as well as updating a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document as the engagement exercise progresses.

Beyond this initial engagement period, we will continue to work closely with parents, carers and the local community and welcome your ongoing feedback. 


Key Links

Parent/Carer Letter:

  • Please click here to view a letter from Star to parents of pupils at the school, containing information about the engagement process April 2024  up date .
  • Please click here to view a letter from Star to parents of pupils at the school, containing information about the engagement process.

Engagement Document:

  • Please click here to read our engagement document.

Online Questionnaire:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Please click here to view a FAQ sheet about Star Academies and the academy transfer process.