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King Solomon International Business School

ClassDojo - Primary only                                            

In Primary, we use ClassDojo for  parent communication, alongside ParentMail. 

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a school communication platform that helps teachers encourage students in class and engage parents. Teachers use ClassDojo to give students encouragement (via points that can be earned) for showing specific skills or strengths - each class has their own points system, based on our Fruits of the Spirit behaviour system and class targets. Using the Activities and Portfolio sections, children's homework is set for them to be able to access at home. Teachers instantly message parents with text-based messages, pictures, videos and stickers, and also add posts to Class Story and School Story - a private feed of moments from the classroom and school that only students, parents, verified staff and school leaders can see. Teachers can also add posts to individual students Portfolios - this is a private portfolio of content that only the student, their teachers, school leaders and that students parents can see.

How can parents use ClassDojo?

Parents access and set up and account on ClassDojo using a unique parent code provided by their child's teacher, or through an email/SMS invitation, or by choosing their child's teacher from within the list shown with the ClassDojo App or ClassDojo website (the request must be approved by the teacher). Parents can only view their own children's feedback points and Portfolios, not those of any other students. The School Story is visible to all parents, however Class Story posts can only be viewed by those parents and students in that class. Parents can message their child's teacher, as well as school leaders, which can only be seen by the parent and the staff member they are messaging. 

How can students use ClassDojo?

Students can have their own account to view feedback given by teachers and parents, and perform additional tasks, such as responding to tasks that are set on their Portfolio, adding in pictures, videos or text to share their own learning and activities from home. They can also respond to any comments or feedback left on their tasks by their teachers.

This YouTube video is great to explain what you can see and do on ClassDojo:

Please go to or ask a member of Primary Staff to find out more.